Feel confident & capable
while dealing with conflict

Discover the Braver Path, the path most aligned to your values. Live and work in a way that reflects what’s most important to you.  

Your team is struggling and you want to help

Your organization has many different departments, teams, and personalities. Your team members are struggling with their work because there is conflict between departments, leadership or even amongst themselves. You may be having a hard time with a conflict yourself.

Productivity and morale are down and major projects are at risk.

Many of us feel capable of meeting challenges in the relative calm of the day-to-day but find ourselves at a loss in the heat of conflict. In those moments, something we may have learned during a workshop suddenly feels undoable or unavailable to us.

Hi, I'm Basia

I am a skilled and experienced coach, consultant, mediator, and facilitator. My approach to transforming workplace conflict is to honour people’s self-determination by supporting their voice and choice.

Rather than take the path of least resistance to overcoming challenges, I encourage clients to take the Braver Path, the path most aligned with their values. 

By holding space for meaningful conversation, people can naturally shift from “What’s the matter?” to “What matters?” and discover a clarity about their situation. With deeper understanding and a bigger perspective, people find their way back to their best self and can return their focus to what is most important to them in their life and work.

How we work together

Identify What Matters

We'll talk about the challenges you face to find clarity about key issues and explore possible options.

Create a Plan

We'll work together to develop a plan that honours what's most important to you.

Take the Braver Path

Feel confident and capable when handling conflict. Return the focus to your life and work feeling grounded and inspired.

"Basia helped me discover insight into how I react when conflict arises, and how I can respond more constructively. Basia brings a level of compassion for others to her work that I aspire to. She inspires me to be as good a coach to my own staff as she has been for me."
Consultant, Public Health

Transform the conflict in your organization


A conversation to find clarity about key issues and identify desired outcomes. We explore possible options and map out a strategy and next steps.


Individual or small group engagement around goals you create. I'll support you to (re)discover your innate wisdom and strength so that you can act in alignment with what really matters to you.

Mediation & Facilitation

A transformative approach to facilitating conversations that matter, whether it's mediating between two people, hosting a conversation within a small group or team, or facilitating a transformative dialogue in an organization or community.


I coach both individuals and teams, including leadership teams.

I have learned that “team-building” is often code for “My team is in trouble and I don’t know how to fix it.” No worries–you’re not alone. In this case, it can be helpful to coach you to improve your own leadership performance in addition to creating a plan for your team.

I am a certified transformative mediator, which means my highest priority is helping people to have “voice and choice” all through a mediation process. From my perspective, the conversation belongs to the parties, so they make the decisions about what is discussed (content) as well as how they will discuss it (process) and the outcomes they want. My job is to support the communication between people so that the conversation is as productive as it can be at that time. Supporting people’s self-determination is also key to doing trauma-informed work. 

"When I found myself in a difficult conflict, I had the good fortune of receiving coaching from Basia. She patiently helped me gain clarity about the situation and how I wanted to respond in the short and long term. She supported me in my feelings of defensiveness and help me move through them to the other side where I could find my power."
Non-Profit Executive Director

Go from frustrated to confident

Discover how to transform conflict before it happens.

Take the Braver Path, the path most aligned to your values, and live and work in alignment with what’s most important to you.